Dispatch at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory

Photos and Review by Jerome Miron

The Dispatch Summer 2018 Tour rolled through the Dallas-Fort Worth area on Friday. Touring for the first time in five years, the band not only supported a new album, they announced they were also touring in support of Native youth activists at the Pine Ridge Reservation and the evening definitely had an Earth vibe.

Opening the night was the Oglala Lakota band, Scatter Their Own. Formed in 2012 byScotti Clifford and his wife Juliana Brown Eyes. Clifford now tours with his two teenage children Welby (bass)and Wahpe (drums). Telling stories about his Native American background and inspiration, Scatter Their Own played a nice set to start off the evening for the early concertgoers. 

In support of Dispatch was the band Nahko and Medicine for the People. Fronted by Portland, Oregon’s Nahko Bear, the six-man band was formed in 2012. The alt-world musical group is heavily influenced Bear’s Puerto Rican and Filipino descent. Leaning heavily on their 2016 release “Hoka”, the band quickly had the crowd up and dancing to songs “Directions”, “Love Letters to God”, and “Aloha Ke Akua”.

Headlining act Dispatch took stage and quickly launched into “Be Gone” from their 2017 release America, Location 12. Sporting an impressive stage of lights and effects, this band of long-time friends from Vermont did not disappoint. Formed in 1996 by guitarist and lead singer Chad Urmston, drummer and singer Brad Corrigan and bassist Pete Heimbold, this alt-indie rock band has had a strong following of devoted fans for over two decades. They were the subject of the 2005 documentary “The Last Dispatch” which detailed their rise to self-promoted stardom, and their final twelve days together as a band, despite never having been signed to any label. The film chronicles their 2004 free concert in Boston in front of close to 120,000 fans before they effectively “retired”. This retirement turned into in essence a hiatus, as they returned in 2007 for a series of charity concerts at Madison Square Garden. Since then the band has participated in a series of charitable music events the Elias Fund, and The Relief Project, and Amplifying Education.