Differences across slot games types

Photo Courtesy: Giochi

You might think that all slots are fundamentally the same, but that is not always the truth. Although they are played in a similar manner, the real rules and the solutions to winning may be completely different from game to game. This is the reason it is helpful to know which type of slot games you want before you begin. Allow me to share several of the most popular kinds. 

Classic Slots

Slot devices initially came into existence in 1895. They had been created by Charles Fey, and the first version was referred to as the Liberty Bell. This game was extremely simply. It had a pull down lever, and – for the very first time ever – paid out cash rather than the regular bar tokens. It is due to this that the Liberty Bell essentially took off, as well as the main reason it is remembered today. 

Classic slot games are actually based upon the very first slot devices with three rotating drums and a lever on the edge. And a selection of these three reel slots have just one payline across a single row. There are a number of retro slots that have been created to look and feel just like vintage ones, yet they are created using modern technology, so they are perhaps even easier to play and enjoy. 

Video Slots

Video slot games are going to be most likely the favourite games these days. Why? Essentially, it is because that have so many more features than traditional slots, and come complete with the most incredible graphics and soundtracks – usually they are like short films if you play them. Most video slots contain five reels, but several of the contemporary ones boast six, or perhaps a lot more. And much more reels would mean far more paylines; consequently, it is not surprising that a selection of these video slots with a great deal more paylines give players far better chances of winning. 

Progressive Slots

While the way to play progressive slots online doesn’t differ a great deal from video slots with regards to the real gameplay, they actually do differ considerably with respect to your chances of winning, and what you can win. In video slots, the jackpot is static – it is what it is and you either win it or you don’t. In the event you do not win, nothing changes and you have other chances to win the same amount every time you place. It does not change and thus is not progressive. 

But in progressive slots, as the title indicates, the jackpot keeps rising. The greater number of people that play and the longer it takes to win, the jackpot gets better and bigger, often ending up nicely into the hundreds of thousands and occasionally even in the millions. Take Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, for instance. In 2015, a British solider called John Heywood got the jackpot in this particular game. And imagine just exactly how much he won? £13.2 million. Traditional video and retro slots cannot compete with this kind of prize.