DFW Folk Band Parallel Play Makes A Political Statement With New EP Bucket of Lies

Check out Parallel Play at 10 p.m. on Saturday, March 5 at Sundown at Granada. Photo Courtesy: Brent Baxter Photography
Check out Parallel Play on Saturday, March 5 at Sundown at Granada.
Photo Courtesy: Brent Baxter Photography

By Kali Ah Yuen

Dallas-based folk band Parallel Play hopes to inspire listeners during this year’s election with its politically charged third EP Bucket of Lies this March.

Tired of all the pandering present in politics today, Parallel Play took this opportunity to complain in the most delightful way possible, in the form of their newest release. With a swinging political protest jig, a mean country duet, a prog rock tune debating free will and more, there’s something for everyone in Bucket of Lies this election season.

“This EP’s like making comfort food at 120 beats per minute,” lyricist, lead vocals, and guitar Jeremy Drake said. “The smell of a home cooked meal distracts you from all of the banging and clanging going on. By the time you realize we wrecked your kitchen, you’ll be belly out in a food coma.”

Self-proclaimed as bluegrass instrumentation in a rock band formation, the group strives to represent all of their musical inspirations in one album. Growing up as alternative music-driven individuals Parallel Play now invades the folk genre, with hints of rock, indie and Americana. With its alternative roots represented fully musically, and in spirit, the group’s high-octane performance has made Parallel Play a rising star in the Dallas music scene.

With two successful releases under their belt, The Floor’s Made of Lava! in 2011 and Take Your Pants Off in 2014, there’s nothing standing in the way of the band’s future. The band has shared the stage with local and nationally touring acts, such as Reckless Kelly, Turnpike Troubadours, Dirty River Boys, Seryn and more. The premiere of its newest music projects has also landed news in multiple media outlets, including Texas Monthly.

“There are moments when it seems Parallel Play is about to careen right off the rails so full of vigor that its songs just gleefully explode. Such frantic enthusiasm occasionally obscures the smart lyrics, but the instrumental hurly-burly is also impossible to ignore with anything but a big grin.” – DFW.com/Fort Worth Star Telegram

Parallel Play is celebrating its newest EP release with an after party featuring performances by the band and Loyal Sally at Sundown at Granada. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance online or at the door.

The EP release party will take place at 10 p.m. on Saturday, March 5 at Sundown at Granada located at 3520 Greenville Ave., Dallas, Texas 75206.

Bucket of Lies will be available for purchase on Tuesday, March 1, also known as Super Tuesday, via iTunes and at the band’s official website www.folkon.com.

BW: Are there any particular political actions or events that specifically inspired this album?
PP: The ruling for Citizens United was a big “what the folk?” moment for us. Pandering, gerrymandering, gridlock, there is just so much to dislike right now. Writing about things we have a negative opinion on has always come very natural to Parallel Play. Politics would be a logical step for us to take.

What is one thing you want fans/listeners to take away from this album?
That we need a real revolution. Millions of people, rising up, demanding that toe-tapping banjo riffs should be a right, not a privilege. We have multi-million dollar organizations like Mumford and Sons telling us that folk is mellow. Well, we disagree. There should be a minimum beats per minute of 120. A 90 bpm is a starvation beat for your feet.

What role do you think this album will play in the minds of voters this election season?
Absolutely, the most important role. PP is made of the best political minds there is, really, the best of the best. I know them personally. They are tremendous people. I cannot say this enough. They know how to win. PP will make folk great again. Maybe, better than ever.

In all seriousness, convincing one person to not vote for Donald Trump would make this all worth it.

How is this album different from previous albums in terms of lyrics, beats and other stylistic elements?
We have figured out who we are. Bluegrass instrumentation in a rock band formation. This EP also represents all four of our musical inspirations. There is a swinging political protest jig, a really mean country duet, a rock prog tune debating free will, a moody groove about signing divorce papers and a loud, chaotic he-said-she-said jam.

“In the past, I would bring mostly fleshed out song concepts to the rest of the group. Now I bring in the band when the concept is just beginning. This allowed our songs to expand into more genres than before. You do not normally hear bluegrass instruments with a full drum kit. With the group composing with me earlier, we’ve managed to blend these sounds seamlessly and expand on what we thought would be possible.” – Jeremy Drake (singer/songwriter)

What plans do you have with the future of “Bucket of Lies”?
You know, maybe for Bucket of Lies to eventually settle down and inspire some songs of its own. We are such proud parents.