Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys: Desperate Noon-er

Can Cowboys QB Dak Prescott ride out the storm and get back to the postseason?
Photo Courtesy: @DBoyz62 Twitter Account

By Zach Walker

Game Info
Detroit Lions vs Dallas Cowboys
Sunday – September 30 – 12:00 p.m.
AT&T Stadium – Arlington, TX

Records Before the Game
Detroit Lions (1-2, 0-1 Away)
Dallas Cowboys (1-2, 1-0 Home)

Is there a single person out in the Cowboys wilderness of fans that truly believes that we aren’t in a total dumpster fire of a situation? Right now, if the Cowboys are trailing going into the fourth quarter, I believe the game is a shut case for a loss. Right now, if the offense gets into 2nd down and any more than eight yards, I’m gearing up for another beauty from Chris Jones. This offense is downright shockingly bad. I won’t miss out on talking about Zeke Elliott versus the Seahawks, he just has to stay in-bounds on that play, plain and simple, he must know where he is when he improvises. And obviously, protecting the ball, but Zeke is far from the problem, he’s clipping off runs at nearly six yards per tote. There’s pressure in the face of Dak Prescott, and no quarterback likes that, but holy smokes, he either holds the ball for too long or just whips a pass off the mark. The Seahawks came into last week the most sacked team in the league, licking their chops was the Cowboys’ defense. Two sacks in the game. Down from the two week average of six given up by the Seattle O-Line. So what happened? The Seattle staff on offense shortened the progressions, made sure that the ball left Russell Wilson’s hand quicker than the previous two weeks. And results for them. So where is that same BASIC gameplan adjustment to match that for the Cowboys’ offense? I’d have to assume that, that was in the other playbook that got left on a desk inside the Star in Frisco.

We all know that the Cowboys DO NOT adjust in game or at the half, so the gameplan must be watertight before the coin toss or else the Cowboys are starting behind the eight ball. The “watercooler” talk around is the lack of faith in Dak Prescott right now. I’m right there with my doubts about the longevity of his style of play, especially scanning the landscape and seeing quarterbacks throw without fear and that Thursday night game was super depressing for me as a Cowboys’ fan. The Cowboys are going to want to boost Dak Prescott back up, so I assume this game is going to be some form of let it rip for Dak, and fans will soak it up, and they’ll probably win, because Matt Stafford is going to do Stafford things and throw three interceptions, but do not be fooled by a one game bacon-saving effort by the offensive braintrust, the writing is on the wall for this offense, and it isn’t good. And if it works against the Lions, you can be sure that it won’t show up again for next week against Houston.

Dallas 24
Detroit 23