Denton’s Own Kaela Sinclair Makes Waves

Denton's own Kaela Sinclair has partnered up with M-83 recently, but she'll still release her second album later this year. Photo Courtesy: Rhombi Survivor
Denton’s own Kaela Sinclair has partnered up with M83 recently and she plans to release her second album later this year. Photo Courtesy: Rhombi Survivor

By Kali Ah Yuen

Bringing a new flow to an old style, Indie pop songstress and local-Dallas musician Kaela Sinclair is making big waves in the music scene. The Florida-born University of North Texas alum with red and purple hair is hard to miss, especially with her unique voice and striking talents. As her sophomore album’s release date approaches, her distinct honeyed voice continues to catch the attention of music enthusiasts from the DFW area to cities worldwide. Recently signing with Def Disco Records, this blossoming artist from Denton is entering the music world with a bang that is too loud to ignore.

What are the most prominent elements that inspire your music?
I’m deeply inspired by history, travel, philosophy, and my own experiences. I often draw from the works of classical composers from the Romantic and Impressionist eras such as Chopin or Debussy, but I also spend a lot of time sifting through new music. There’s plenty to be inspired by – old and new.

What is the meaning behind your first single “Golden” from your second album?
Golden is a sort of love song. It’s about seeing the greatness in someone else, or maybe even yourself, despite the world overlooking it. We live in a fast-paced, multi-tasking society that doesn’t often reward things that take a while to get to know. Not everything, or everyone, will get their time in the sun if we aren’t willing to slow down and see what’s underneath.

Your cover of SOHN’s track “Artifice” went viral on Buzzfeed, what was your reaction to that? Has it impacted your career at all?
It was really fun to watch the views shoot up overnight. The Buzzfeed exposure definitely sent new eyes to my pages. My favorite part was when SOHN himself called it “fantastic” on Twitter!

You’ve been mentioned to have similar qualities that made St. Vincent so popular by Texas Music Magazine, how do you feel about that comparison?
St. Vincent is a brilliant musician and I’m honored to be compared to her. She’s unique and bold and I
admire those qualities in a musician.

If you could collaborate with any other artist, who would it be and why?
Ah, where do I even start? I’d love to collaborate with James Blake or Chris Thile. I have a long list of people I’d love to make music with.

What plans do you have for the future of your music and overall career?
I’ll be putting out my second full-length album later this year, but you can expect to hear new singles even sooner! My plan is to never stop making music and performing. Work till you drop…if you love what you do! There are a lot of great things in the works right now so this year’s going to be a big one.

Tell us about how you got connected to M83! How has the tour been so far and what are you looking forward to the most?
Anthony put out an open call for a female keyboardist and singer and I sent a couple of videos. I found out less than a month later that I’d be joining M83 and going on tour for the rest of the year. It’s been amazing so far. I’m looking forward to seeing the world and playing huge stages! Every bit of it is a  dream.