Deadpool: Reynolds Back with More BANG for your Buck!

Ryan Reynolds is a perfect Wade Wilson. Coincidentally, Wade Wilson is a perfect Deadpool.
Photo Courtesy: 20th Century Fox

By Taylor C. Berrier

It’s finally out. The movie every Marvel fan has been longing for: Deadpool. And it’s out in dramatic fashion.

Let me first start off by saying I would have thought Deadpool would have slammed dunked as a summer movie blockbuster, but thanks to it’s hard earned and well deserved R rating and its foresighted success in the streaming media platform makes a February release justifiable.

It’s Super Bowl weekend so understandably not everyone is going to make it out to the theater this weekend, though, if you are able, Deadpool will be your best choice of films currently to have hit theaters, even if you are not a fan of comic books, X-Men, or Marvel.

Not many of us suspected a return to the superhero genre by Ryan Reynolds after the train wreck that was DC Comic’s most recent attempt at Green Lantern. But Reynolds and the Marvel studios had this gut feeling originating deep within their comic book treasure chest that a red-suited witty Wade Wilson would be a better fit for Reynolds over a dry, and frankly too conservative green-suited Hal Jordan. After X-Men Origins: Wolverine, there had remained this residual spark from when Reynolds portrayed Wade Wilson and they knew they could light a fire in the box office with this character as a stand alone superhero.

Marvel’s Ant-Man had it’s ups and downs, and 20th Century Fox’s Fantastic Four had pretty much only its downs. Well, 20th Century Fox has figured out the right formula for a franchise that may experience only ups. Crude, rude, and attitude, plus an actor that can pull off such, equals interesting and entertaining.

The Deadpool cast enlists several supporting roles to its advantage, like the arch nemesis Ed Skrein (The Transporter Refueled) and the best friend T.J. Miller (How to Train Your Dragon, Silicon Valley). The jokes seem endless, and the humor is hot and heavy with Reynolds behind the wheel. It translates above and beyond into this movie setting and is sure to please the fan base even as they wait for the scene after the credits.

Sequel? I would hope so, as Fox is finally making good use of its ownership over certain Marvel licenses. It would only play out well for all parties involved – a fitting role for Reynolds, the first big success for 20th Century Fox and movie adaptations of comics that isn’t Spiderman, and Stan Lee’s ever-present legacy in the comic and movie industries.

Check out the official trailer for Deadpool below and try hard to go see this movie on the big screen while you still can, cause it won’t be there forever, but surely for the time being.