Dallas Mavericks: Riding the Hot Hand

Harrison Barnes and the Mavs are ready to ride a hot streak. Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch

By Joel Montgomery

After a pretty rough start to their season, the Mavericks have picked things up and look to keep the momentum going as the young squad keeps learning how to win together. The team has Harrison Barnes back in full swing for the year, ready for more volume scoring. And with more of a clear understanding that young talent Doncic should be the team’s spark going forward, here’s the beginning results of those findings:
 @ Chicago Bulls (11/12)
Traveling to Chicago on Monday night, Barnes got right to work, putting up 23 points as Dallas’ team-high. While potential East All Star Zach Lavine put up 26 in his game high 41 minutes, it wasn’t enough to stop Dallas’ efficient team play. The Mavs had 6 players in double figures scoring, showing once again that their strength lies in numbers with this crew. 
FINAL: Dallas 103 (5-8), Chicago 98 (4-10)
vs Utah Jazz (11/14)
Dallas came back home on Wednesday to try and get their revenge on a Jazz team that’s been trying to find themselves after struggling to start this season, despite having a better-than-expected outing the year previous. The revenge was fulfilled in dominating fashion, as the Mavs completely wiped out Utah in a 50-point rout. Dallas’ ENTIRE roster ended with 4 or more points, with Harrison Barnes’ 19 leading the team. The Jazz didn’t have a scorer over 11 points, and still look to have some work to do to get their team ready for the rest of this season’s grind.
FINAL: Dallas 118 (6-8), Utah 68 (7-7)
vs Golden State Warriors (11/17)
On Saturday night, the Mavs faced off against a Steph Curry-less (groin) Warriors squad. Golden State has been dealing with “their greatest adversity yet”, coach Steve Kerr says, after the team has been in a “dream” the past four and a half years. “This is the toughest stretch we’ve been in. This is the real NBA. We haven’t been in in the real NBA the last few years. We’ve been in this dream and so now we’re faced with real adversity and we got to get out of it ourselves.”
Dallas had no sympathy for Golden State’s current struggles, as they came to play with everything they had against the league’s current dynasty. Luka put on a show offensively with his 24 points, along with a go ahead shot and some clutch free throws in the final minute of the game. Barnes followed with 23 points of his own. The Warriors were led by Kevin Durant’s 32 points, who, despite the team’s recent struggles, at least got his own groove back after some personal brick shows. Thompson also bounced back with 22 despite the loss.
FINAL: Dallas 112 (7-8), Golden State 109 (12-5)
Now working together as a unit and slowly getting their injured pieces back, the Mavs are currently rolling. Now, the team awaits the season debut of Dirk Nowitzki, whose sure to bring yet another spark to this team. What’s the ceiling if the team continues this impressive synergy? The immediate future is looking promising.
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11/21 vs Nets        7:30 p.m.
11/24 vs Celtics     7:30 p.m.