Dallas Mavericks: Ready for some Home Cooking

Dennis Smith Jr. (l) and Wesley Matthews (r) had a tough road trip last week. Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch
Dennis Smith Jr. (l) and Wesley Matthews (r) had a tough road trip last week.
Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch
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By Joel Montgomery

With most other major sports leagues either already being in their offseason or soon to be coming to a close, most casual sports fans’ eyes are beginning to shift the majority of their focus onto the NBA as it enters the primetime part of the season. The Dallas Mavericks may be well out of the crux of the playoff race at this point, but in the second half of the regular season they can still impress the incoming fans finally tuning in after football season draws to its end.

On Tuesday, despite outscoring Denver 33-19 in the fourth quarter, it wasn’t enough for the Mavericks to beat the Nuggets as Denver held on, 105-102. The Nuggets’ key pieces loaded the box score, with Nikola Jokic cashing in 29 points, 18 rebounds and 7 assists in an absolute monster performance for the young Serbian star. Gary Harris’ 25 points and Will Barton’s 22 also contributed greatly to the team’s offensive effort, as they were the only 3 Denver players to score in double figures. Dennis Smith led Dallas offensively with 25 points. None of the Mavs’ other key pieces were really able to get going until it was too late to cover the ground needed to win.

The Mavericks’ offensive struggles continued on Saturday when they traveled to Portland to face the Blazers. Since the disrespect of being lower in All Star votes than Lakers PG Lonzo Ball, Damian Lillard has been a predator locked in on his prey (the hoop). With 31 points, he and CJ McCollum (26 pts) led the Trail Blazers to an impressive 62% shooting. Portland’s entire starting lineup crossed the double-digit point threshold. Dallas had some okay games on paper from some of their offensive weapons, with Dennis Smith’s 23 points and Wesley Matthews and Dirk Nowitzki both notching 21. However, the team’s overall shooting was horrendous at 32% from the field for the night.

With more casual sports fans starting to turn their gaze over to a restless NBA currently dealing with the worst player-referee disparity in ages, the Mavericks are just trying to stay afloat themselves despite some subpar offensive play as of late. They’ll look to be able to turn things around as they prepare for a 3-game home stand against some tough competition, including a fellow statesman in the Houston Rockets— flying high after an impressive primetime win on Saturday night versus Golden State.

Upcoming Games
Mon 1/21 vs Wizards
Wed 1/24 vs Rockets
Fri 1/26 vs Trail Blazers