Dallas Mavericks Entertainment, guess who’s back…….

Photos by Dominic Ceraldi

Unfortunately the NBA may not play another game this year but as far as entertainment goes the Mavericks have everything heading in the right direction. The talent on the court is fun to watch and can beat you in many ways. Luka comes to play every night and Porzingas is hitting his stride and looks completely healthy for the first time in over a year.

After eliminating the dance team a year ago the Mavericks have struggled to keep the fans entertained at halftime and during the many TV timeouts during the game. The World of Dance, although a top notch dance company may not be a great fit for the Mavs faithful.

The game that was played on March 11th 2020 will be remembered by many as the Covid-19 (coronavirus) game and possibly the last game of the regular season but I will remember it as a very entertaining game on the court as well as during timeouts.

What changed, Luka was Luka, scoring, passing and rebounding like he does every game but Boban had his best game of the season and made you forget that Porzingas never stepped on the court. The Mavs drum line performed, The Dunking Devils thrilled the audience at halftime, the Hoop Troop made several appearances throwing t-shirts and Mavs balls into the crowd, The Maniaacs had an on court performance, The Mavs Tumblers always amaze with their tumbling runs (need to see them more often) but the best surprise performance of the night was put on by the new Mavs Dance team. The coed dance team made a few appearances throughout the evening and the Mavs faithful responded favorably and was excited to see them return to the court. They are not the same as the Dallas Mavericks Dancers (DMD) of old but very entertaining and a group I hope to see perform at many more Mavericks games in the future.