Dallas Fan Expo 2016


By Paul A. Esquivel

This weekend was pretty happening (do people still say happening?) and exciting for Dallas. With not one, not three, but two big conventions going down for fans of nerd culture. There was the difficult choice of choosing between the Dallas Fan Expo or Akon.

Spoiler alert: I went to Fan Expo.

And it was probably the best experience at a con I ever had. I wont lie, I was a little disappoint in Fan Days this year…

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.52.17 AM
So maybe I was just a little annoyed that day

That being said, this year’s Fan Expo lived up to its name when being about the fans and pretty much every guest and volunteer contributed to make it happen. There are some who would say they don’t see the appeal in packing like sardines, waiting in long lines and swimming through crowds of people just to see a famous person, but that person is usually my mother and when she asks why I like dressing up and going to conventions, I make sure to put on my headphones so as not to hear her sighs of disappointment.

Fan Expo was overwhelmingly awesome and the guest list of actors, voice actors and artists was impressive. Cecil Grimes’ booth was, at least to me, the coolest however almost of all the cosplay was top notch caliber.



What made it the best was for me was when I ran into friends, some whom I haven’t talked to in a while and some who I didn’t even know would be in town.

His face tells me he probably didn't want me to know he was in town
Something tells me he didn’t want me to know he was in town.

It was a great time and seeing all these people come together for a unifying passion. The high light of the weekend was Steve Blum. He took five minutes to talk to us about his voice acting and him being on rapper Logics album. This is where I learned a valuable lesson about charging your phone and making sure to have it charged. He is pretty much the epitome of cool and  such a down to earth guy. During his panel he gave an on the spot inspirational bump in the voice of Tom from Toonami saying “Always get back on your feet, cause it’s the getting back up that counts. That’s what shows you got heart and that’s what helps you keep going. Fall down 7 times, get back up 8 and know that we’ll be right there with you.”

The legendary Steve Blum


What a better way to close. Here is a link to our photo recap of Saturday and definitely mark your calendars for next year’s Fan Expo. You certainly won’t want to miss out on it.