Dallas Cowboys Free Agent Targets

The Dallas Cowboys must make resigning RB Lance Dunbar a priority this spring. Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch
The Dallas Cowboys must make resigning RB Lance Dunbar a priority this spring.
Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch

By Zach Walker

This Wednesday, March 9 at 3pm is the date and time that NFL team’s wallets will blow open and money will flow like a dam bursting. There aren’t a whole supremely spicy names on the top end, and for the Dallas Cowboys, I’m not sure they’re in the market for a cannonball splash. Reports are that the Cowboys are going to be moving on from their splash free agent from the 2012 season, cornerback Brandon Carr. He plays in spurts, with very little consistently and few game changing plays. The best part of Carr’s game as a Cowboy, was that it showed just how good Orlando Scandrick is, and how essential Scandrick is to the team.

I’m on the Jalen Ramsey for the fourth overall pick train, his ability and versatility, teamed with Scandrick and year two Byron Jones could really be a point of pride for the Cowboys on defense. I won’t cloud the fact that Randy Gregory really put the Cowboys front office in a seriously taxing position with the pass rusher position. The Cowboys likely won’t attempt to retain their hired gun, Greg Hardy, and with DeMarcus Lawrence coming off of back surgery, the cupboard is pretty bare right now. That scares me because I want Ramsey and not Bosa, Buckner, or Lawson. I’ll pick a player, per position, that could be A) fit in well and B) be on the more money friendly side. (Not looking at Tight End or Offensive Line, those are locked in)

Quarterback: Colt McCoy, Age 29. Don’t get this crossways, I’ve never been a fan of Colt McCoy. However, if we’re looking at it in the way that a backup quarterback should be viewed, put into a game and then a maximum of two starts in a season, I believe Colt McCoy could be a budget agent. With McCoy and Kellen Moore behind Romo, we’d all still be screwed, but it won’t look as bad. DESIRE Scale: 1/7

Running Back: Lance Dunbar, Age 26. In house resign, because holy crap, the running back pool is really poor. It’s jammed with near 30-year-old backs, or players that’ll be beyond the price point. Dunbar was clearly in Romo’s comfort zone when he was in, and when Dunbar was still healthy, he was a focal point of the offense. Dunbar is fully saturated in the Garrett/Romo offense and would be ready to go in 2016. DESIRE Scale: 2/7

Wide Receiver: Anquan Boldin, Age 35. Dez plays like a much younger Anquan Boldin, in the sense that it’s about the physical positioning to battle for balls in play. Boldin brings veteran savvy to the receivers, and could really be a force on third downs, and really free up some heat off of Dez and Terrence Williams. Imagine, third and eight, empty set, Romo in the gun, Bolden and Williams on the outside, Dez and Beasley in the slot, and Witten, that’s venturing into the unfair territory. DESIRE Scale: 6/7

Defensive End: Mario Williams, Age 31. Williams didn’t have a good final year in Buffalo, his production dropped, then the veteran saw through the Rex Ryan bull and decided to coast and pick up paychecks. Not too positive, but in the right system, Williams could get back to fighting form. Returning to Texas is just a bonus. DESIRE Scale: 3/7

Defensive Tackle: Akiem Hicks, Age 26. Hicks was part of a one sided trade, where he was the payoff for the Patriots, tabbing three sacks late in the season. The best part of Hicks is his age and still slightly dormant talent. I don’t think that the Cowboys will retain the services of Nick Hayden, who has been good and steady for the team, but Hicks could bring a little more twitch to the interior line. DESIRE Scale: 4/7

Linebacker: Craig Robertson, Age 28. The Browns should consider bringing back Robertson, because he’s played very well for them. In 2015, in just twelve games, he had almost 60 tackles, and both an interception and a forced fumble. He’d be very suitable to replace Rolando McClain in the center of the defense, draped by Anthony Hitchens and Sean Lee. Robertson isn’t just a shot in the dark, he played college ball in Denton at UNT, so maybe he’s wanting a return to Texas. DESIRE Scale: 5/7

Defensive Back: Casey Hayward, Age 26. I put the Packers secondary in, perhaps, a higher class than they are, but no doubting that the Packers will be missing Hayward if he were to slip away. The money to be spent needs to be spent on coverage, and maybe splurge on this corner could really be a massive fix. Hayward had a down year, with zero interceptions, but it appears that he only picks off quarterbacks in even numbered years, so bringing in Hayward means interceptions for the Cowboys if he were to be brought in. DESIRE Scale: 7/7