Dallas Cowboys Bye-Week Report Card

Dallas Cowboys owner, president and general manager hopes that the trade for WR Amari Cooper has the team Super Bowl bound. Photo Courtesy: Matt Pearce

By Zach Walker

What grade do you F***ing think I’d give this team!? After the Washington game, one thing I feel completely comfortable saying is, if you aren’t emotionally/financially invested, find another team. This team, in current construction, is only going to destroy your soul, like being stabbed by your own child while leaning in to hear their Christmas list. Solid robbing of the opportunity to lose the game standing up in overtime, because LP didn’t do anything wrong, he hasn’t messed up in 14 seasons at the same position, and didn’t there. On the strip-six of Dak Prescott, it can be seen Prescott watching Michael Gallup getting loose deep down the sideline, and Prescott going to the next read. That can be viewed for your rage-filled heart’s content. In the improbable drive to position the field goal, the combo of Garrett-Linehan didn’t maximize the time to get the most possible yardage for their kicker. The coached played for the tie, settled for the loss, instead of going to for the win then taking the tying field goal. This mentality isn’t going to change. The lack of situational awareness, time management… holy ****… how many times does that need to be questioned before action is made?

An action taken, in the hours since the gigantic divisional loss, the Cowboys have traded their first round pick in the upcoming 2019 draft for wide receiver Amari Cooper. Going back to Jerry Jones’ comment of “haven’t had a number one receiver for years,” they haven’t remedied this problem. This trade was to get past their breakup of Dez Bryant. Amari Cooper is a good receiver, young with a ton of game ahead of him, but he has never been in that Julio Jones/AJ Green/Antonio Brown category and if he isn’t in that category WHY DID YOU SPEND THE FIRST ROUND PICK? That’s the issue with full transparency. It’s all been exposed, and now, the Cowboys look like they just got taken by a team that gave away a generational talent in Khalil Mack for peanuts. So if one gets taken, by one who got GOT, doesn’t that make you the ultimate sucker? I want this deal to work, but the news of the trade MUST bring back flashbacks to fans of Roy Williams.

If there’s going to be change during this season, it’ll be because the Cowboys lost the Monday Night game on the other side of the bye-week, against the Tennessee Titans. Beyond that, don’t adjust too much, because the Cowboys’ ain’t changing anytime soon.