The Blitz Weekly
Imagine, if you will; a local publication that captures the greatness of Maxim and Sports Illustrated, being made available to the public each and every Wednesday. That is the Blitz Weekly. We are a free, alternative weekly publication that features unique editorial content and scintillating photography that cannot be found in print anywhere in the DFW Metroplex.

The Blitz Weekly Reader
Our readers pick up the paper each week because we understand their needs. No other publication satisfies those needs like we do. Our typical reader is: male, well-educated, professional, active and between the ages of 21 and 54. Our readers are into sports, entertainment, music, nightlife, restaurants and surfing the web. The Blitz Weekly will grow and maintain its loyal readership by adapting to their needs.

What’s In It For You!
Our readers are influenced by the advertisements in the Blitz Weekly. As an advertiser, your company is doing more than just having a presence in the paper each week. You are gaining the attention of our readers. Since our readers are well-educated and professional, they often refer to the Blitz Weekly and to our advertisers to help them spend their dollars. The Blitz Weekly is committed to being the best guy’s guy newspaper on the planet. We strive to satisfy our readers’ basic needs and every primal urge that they crave on a weekly basis. Starting with beautiful women, tastefully shot in every conceivable way possible to sports, humor, technology, you name it, we’ll have it. If guys find it interesting, funny or informative, we want to write about it and include great pictorials every week in the process. The Metroplex and surrounding areas have several alternative newspapers, but nothing that comes close to matching the Blitz Weekly’s style or base objective. To create the best guy’s guy magazine possible every week, with beautiful photography and cutting edge editorial with “attitude”. The Blitz Weekly is distributed to over 500 locations strategically placed throughout the DFW Metroplex. We have a distribution network composed of high-traffic street boxes and indoor racks at sports bars, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, cafés, and retailers both large and small. The Blitz Weekly publishes a minimum of 10,000 issues each week for its loyal readership.

The Blitz Weekly Web Site
The numbers keep growing! The site averages 40,000 hits per week. You can read the entire issue online easily and visit the web sites of our advertisers and friends. Additionally the web site carries content that isn’t available in print. Gain the attention of our readers by advertising today!

Additional Opportunities
The Blitz Weekly has a wide variety of products to promote companies with their marketing needs. In addition to the print publication and web site, Blitz Weekly can offer onsite events and promotional activities, direct e-mail blasts, text messaging opportunities, contests and much more. Let us use our experience, knowledge and contacts to promote your business with proven results.

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