Coffee 101: How to Spot and Make Good Coffee Like a Pro Barista

Photo Courtesy: Burst

Good coffee is worth its weight in gold. But the trouble with amazing coffee is that once you’ve tried it, you can never go back to your watered-down blend.

So how do you determine whether you have ‘good coffee’? The devil is in the details.

Check out this overview of how to tell whether you’re drinking basic coffee.

Brew Method

There’s a lot of debate over whether good coffee happens when it’s brewed. There are many die-hard French Press fans, for example, who swear that the length of time coffee steeps affects its overall flavor.

But there’s more to coffee than steep time. Unlike tea, coffee requires three main things to offer a quality cup of Joe:

  • Clean, filtered water
  • Fresh coffee beans
  • Consistent grind

Once you’ve mastered the art of choosing the big three, you can only fail up from here. Your brew times will likely always vary at least by a fraction of a second, but you can’t go wrong once you get the right blend of top quality ingredients.

Navigating Taste

Good tasting coffee takes you on a journey. For some, it’s the foothills of the Andes Mountains while for others it’s the lush plains of Ethiopia. 

But you can’t taste these subtle yet, life-changing differences unless you’ve taken some time to develop your palate. Tasting good coffee begins with your nose.

Start by smelling the whole coffee beans before you even get started brewing. Notice the aroma in its entirety to gain a full appreciation for the brew.

Next, smell the coffee while it’s brewing. Notice the changes in smell and whether it’s more or less robust than before.

This will help you get to know how strong you like your coffee. The last time to enjoy the aroma is right before you take your first sip.

If the coffee’s smell attracted you in bean form, this last inhale will take you to heaven. It’s the promise of something great right before you dive in. 

These sips help your brain’s chemosensation or the relationship between your nose and tongue. Taking your time to experience the coffee in your nose helps you build up to a full appreciation in your mouth.

Buy Quality Brews

It’s worth noting that there are some coffee beans that won’t amount to much when you smell them. You might think that because it’s a well known brand, that means the company takes care to become experts in good coffee.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for most mainstream coffee brands. You’ll need trusted coffee partners like this company to make sure you’re getting the best quality beans to provide the best possible cup of coffee every time.

Finding Good Coffee by the Cup

Good coffee isn’t hard to find. With a little patience and a willingness to splurge, you can ensure your morning nirvana with delicious coffee beans purchased at a local roastery.

Make sure you’re buying from suppliers who care about coffee as much as you do and you’ll be sure to find yourself on a wonderful journey of Joe every morning. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.