Boom Goes the Trade Deadline

February 25, 2014

By Craig Fields So the NBA trade deadline has come and gone, and I have to tell you, I am a little disappointed. I mean don’t get me wrong. I am relieved that it is […]

Toronto Raptors Claw Their Way to the Top

February 17, 2014

By Craig Fields Can you hear it? That sound. It’s the sound of a collective group of guys in Toronto clawing their way back to relevancy. It’s the sound of a team stretching and straining […]

The All-Star Snub

February 12, 2014

By Craig Fields All-Star Weekend will be upon us in a few days and without doubt there are some pretty deserving names that will not be taking place in the festivities. There are arguably players […]

Andrew Bynum Moves to Naptown

February 3, 2014

By Craig Fields This has got to be a joke right? I mean April Fool’s Day must have come early this year. Andrew Bynum, the guy who has seemingly made it his mission to be […]

Squandering Talent

January 21, 2014

By Craig Fields There was a time when Andrew Bynum was considered one of the best centers in the NBA. However, after a number of knee surgeries on both knees, an unwilling attitude to be […]

Have the Knicks Turned the Corner?

January 16, 2014

By Rodney Fisher The New York Knicks may not have a winning record, but they do play in the Eastern Conference where every team seems to have a chance of making the playoffs. At 13-22 […]

Suns Rising in Phoenix

January 6, 2014

By Craig Fields If anyone would have told me that the Phoenix Suns would be 20-12 and an actual competitive team in the Western Conference, I would have thought that they were crazy and vastly […]

No Brook Lopez, Yes Problem

January 4, 2014

By Craig Fields Brook Lopez went down with a broken foot injury on December 20, and is expected to be out the rest of the season. He will get the surgery necessary to repair the […]

A Rose by Any Other Name is Still A Rose

December 29, 2013

By Craig Fields The NBA for Derrick Rose has been filled with ups and down. Drastic ones to say the least. He has experienced postseason success and MVP honors. Those valleys however include a season […]

A Weak Eastern Conference

December 20, 2013

  By Craig Fields Maybe a membership at 24-Hour Fitness or Gold’s Gym will help out an NBA Eastern Conference that is so weak that it is simply embarrassing. Get in the weight room and throw […]

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