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    Hot Cross Girl

    How You Know Her: Every Thursday this bombshell steps next to the microphone on the Richie and...

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    Paul Leone

    How You Know Him: He’s Mr. Beer America TV! And when he’s not editing, predicting beer trends,...

  • Mario Walker

    Mario Walker

    How You Know Him:SMU standout athlete turned- standout teacher. Mario is giving his students the playbook to...

  • detail_02

    Darrell Faircloth

    How You Know Him: Founder and owner of North Texas Beer Festival (please hold applause until the...

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    Ashley Berges

    How You Know Her: Celebrity Life Coach & Dallas writer, who is the author of Live Your...

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    Calvin Brockington

    How You Know Him: Owner & namesake of Calvin Brockington Fotography, who snaps photos that would make...