Film Review: The Vanished

January 21, 2021

By Jay Betsill “The Vanished” opens with Paul and Wendy Michaelson (Thomas Jane and Anne Heche) along with their daughter Taylor and their dog Lucky taking their RV to a remote lakeside camp site for […]

Film Review: Night of the Running Man

January 20, 2021

By Jay Betsill Amid the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, many Americans flocked to streaming services for entertainment as evidenced by Netflix eclipsing the 200 million subscriber mark. With that in mind, I have been scouring the […]

Film Review: The Last Blockbuster

January 6, 2021

Be Kind. Rewind. Those words are familiar to hundreds of millions of people who visited one of the over 9,000 Blockbuster Video stores that once dominated the American landscape along the lines of McDonald’s, Starbucks […]

10 Best Movies Based in New Jersey

December 4, 2020

Located in-between some of the American powerhouses like New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, New Jersey has often been slandered as the “armpit of America”. Despite its disrepute, there is much to love about the Garden […]

Film Review: “Hard Kill” starring Bruce Willis

November 28, 2020

By Jay Betsill Bruce Willis is back! Well…sort of. “Hard Kill” was released simultaneously in theaters and digital on-demand in August and made little noise, but it has appeared to the ‘water cooler talk’ world […]

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