Casino Games One Must Play

Photo Courtesy: Lee Davy

Nowadays people can pretty much gamble anywhere they find themselves, and due to bookies offering an increasing number of different things to bet on you can gamble on anything you want to as well. You cannot argue with this fact, but it still doesn’t change the fact that gambling in an actual casino will always be the most fun way to do it. 

Casinos haven’t achieved the level of popularity that they have for nothing – these places represent heaven on earth for avid gamblers, not least because of the amount of choice one has when he visits them. There are so many games you could have a shot at, the only downside is that the choice can often be too hard to make! Never fear though, standby for our rundown of the casino games at King Casino one must play. 


Duh? There isn’t another casino game that has enjoyed such unrivaled success over the past few decades as the slots. Sit down at one of these machines and you will quickly see why, not only is the act of spinning those reels exciting in itself, but there is also more than enough of a chance that you could end up seriously richer. 

Just look at things like the famous Las Vegas Megabucks machines, these work on a network progressive jackpot system, meaning that prizes can regularly exceed $20 million! If that doesn’t attract you we’re not sure what will…


Blackjack is commonly one of the first casino table games that amateur gamblers sit down at because they are likely to have played a version of the game whilst at school. On the face of it it is a rather simple game – you just need to reach the magic number of 21 before the dealer does. 

It is easy to think that is all that is too it, but really Blackjack isn’t quite as easy as people think… if you want to win of course. 


Ah, Roulette, one of the most dynamic and exciting casino games that you can play these days. Nothing beats the pure excitement of watching the wheel spin and hoping the ball lands on your desired value. And the thing about this game is that the odds can actually be rather good if you play it in the right way. 

Moreover, Roulette is a fantastically communal casino game – one of the only ones that you can play with a group of other people and not be directly competing against them. 


Poker is definitely the casino game that has had the most exposure in the public consciousness, with films like Casino Royale dramatizing it in a very exciting way. Many people have made their fortunes from the game of Poker too, but it definitely is not something for the faint hearted. 

You have to know exactly what you are doing if you want any hope of winning a round of Poker, and you also have to have very good control of your bodily actions.