Carlos Condit has fought in the UFC for 14 years but his career may be coming to an end. Photo Courtesy:
Carlos Condit has fought in the UFC for 14 years but his career may be coming to an end.
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By Kyler Kuehler

UFC on Fox 21 card sure was one in the making as it was filled with intense wars, stunning comebacks and major upsets. Though the moment that caught everyone’s attention was the main event, which was thought to be a five round battle turned into a quick victory for Demian Maia as he defeated top contender Carlos Condit at 1:52 in the very first round via submission to the rear-naked choke.

With Condit being such a huge favorite heading into that fight only to be manhandled like an amateur has positively left him feeling degraded inside and has now placed him on the path to possible retirement from the company and sport altogether. Since he now has lost his last two fights and he feels like his time is over fans and the UFC will be left to wonder if he really should retire or if he still has some fight left in him to get one more run at the belt.

First off he holds of record of 30-10 giving him a 75 percent win tile, which is pretty damn good over a 14 year career and of his 30 wins he has finished 28 of them by knockout or submission giving him about a 93 percent finish rate that has proven to make him one of the most dangerous fighters in the welterweight division.

With in all these numbers are of course big victories that have helped shape him into the fighter of today with victories over Nick Diaz, Rory MacDonald, Jake Ellenberger, Thiago Alves and many more. Having victories like these makes it appear that he has gone as far as he can in his career, but we cannot forget  few of his losses that were close calls against Martin Kampmann (who he defeated in their second meeting at UFC Fight Night 27 via TKO in round 4) and three former UFC Welterweight Champions; Georges St-Pierre, Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler. Having these fights under his belt and being the fact that none of these tough fighters managed to finish him makes it seem more like Condit indeed still has another possible run at the belt and possibly make a comeback to prove that he has what it takes to hold UFC gold.

But what we must also keep in mind is the fact that ever since Condit defeated Nick Diaz at UFC 143 to become the interim UFC Welterweight Champion he has gone on a 2-5 record over his last seven fights making it much clearer why he now believes that his time in MMA has officially come to an end.

It is really hard to say if Carlos Condit should retire from MMA after looking over all he has accomplished in his career, but if he really feels that he does not belong in the business anymore then retirement will most likely be his best choice.

After all, in any sport you must continue to have confidence in order to continue and once that confidence is gone then you have officially lost.