Can Darren Till Get Europe Back on the Map?

By Kyler Kuehler

Number two ranked welterweight Darren Till will face welterweight champion Tyron Woodley at UFC 228. He has compiled a record of 17-0-1 with recent wins over Donald Cerrone and Stephen Thompson.

He shows top Muay Thai and Luta Livre in his fights, leading him to a massive rise to the top. Fans now wonder if he has what it takes to expose Europe’s true talents by earning gold.

Europe first earned gold with Joanna Jedrzejczyk in 2015; Conor McGregor towards the end of the year.

Michael Bisping would capture gold in 2016; Germaine de Randamie in 2017 giving Europe four champions.

Things would change when Bisping and Jedrzejczyk lost their titles in 2017. De Randamie was stripped due to inactivity in 2017; McGregor would then be stripped in 2018. Europe now has no champions.

Till now has a chance to give Europe gold once again, but can he succeed?

He has great Muay Thai and Luta Livre─stated before; Woodley has impressive boxing and wrestling. Till could be facing big trouble since he has never faced a well-rounded wrestler like Woodley.

Woodley has not been so great lately and is beginning to lack in his wrestling and boxing as well. Not good for a champion. Till will not hesitate to take advantage of that one bit.

Till’s size advantage over Woodley could pose as a massive threat to Woodley’s reign as champion.

That has never stopped Woodley at all and he showed that in his first fight against Stephen Thompson.

Woodley’s sheer power alone won’t be enough to stop Till. No, Till has a great defense while placing pressure on his opponents.

He still must keep distance in order to maintain control because Woodley will be coming at him with full force. If he doesn’t then he will find himself n his back fighting for his life.

Basically, this fight has the potential to go either way, so there’s no telling if Till can succeed or not.

Just remember, Till is no fighter to screw around with. If Woodley doesn’t watch his back it will be game over.