Can Chris Weidman Avenge His Loss to Luke Rockhold?

Chris_Weidman+Akira Kouchiyama
Chris Weidman busts a flex as he eyes his rematch with Luke Rockhold.
Photo Courtesy: Akira Kouchiyama

By Kyler Kuehler

Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold have been going at each other’s throats for weeks after their rematch was announced for UFC 199 in June. When these two phenomenal athletes met for the first time at UFC 194 Rockhold defeated Weidman via TKO in the fourth round to become the new Middleweight Champion, thus ending Weidman’s reign as champion and undefeated streak.

After the match Rockhold was living the good life and using his newly found fame to full lengths, but for Weidman it was a different story as he returned to the gym more motivated than ever. Weidman headed down the to regaining the belt. Though Rockhold in no way feels threatened by Weidman’s instant return to the gym and has been throwing a few words his way, telling Weidman that he beat him fair and square and that the win was indeed no fluke.

Though Weidman did lose the belt fair and square, this does not mean that he will not win it back and thus avenge his first professional loss and turn this heated rivalry into a possibly intense trilogy fight.

If Weidman wants to regain his title he will have to improve his takedown defense game as Rockhold is very effective at bringing his opponents down to the ground where he feels he has the advantage. It looks like Rockhold will defeat Weidman again if history is to repeat itself.

There is also the striking that Weidman must improve on as he maintained control for the first round of their first encounter, but after that round Weidman was picked a part from deadly strikes thrown by Rockhold. This ultimately lead to the fight going to the ground where Rockhold beat Weidman to the point that Weidman could no longer defend himself.

If Weidman does not start dedicating more of his heart and soul into training and clean up his mistakes then it looks like he will not avenge his devastating loss and UFC gold will become a thing of the past for him. Weidman will have to accept the fact that Rockhold is indeed the better fighter of the two.