Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys: “Thanks”Giving Game

Will Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott be ready against the Bills? Photo Courtesy: KA Sports Photos

By Zach Walker

Game Info
Buffalo Bills vs Dallas Cowboys
Thursday – November 28 – 3:30 p.m.
AT&T Stadium – Arlington, TX

Records Before the Kick
Buffalo Bills (8-3, 4-1 Away)
Dallas Cowboys (6-5, 3-2 Home)

I hate the NFL. I REALLY do. What the F*** is tripping?! I know what it is in hockey, but when Jamie Collins does a literal “Bull Rush” at the right flank of Tyron Smith and his leg comes off the ground, that’s not a trip. And that second one, against Travis Frederick… I just can’t. Sure, keep your feet on the ground and those don’t look like anything. I don’t want the “well, you had two downs to then pickup eleven yards”. Screw that, they took a converted first down away. The league has since come out and said those were bad calls. Thanks. That’s a big help.

The way that Jerry Jones was after the game, I do love that. It was irrational, unprofessional, and a total emotional reaction to a frustrated situation. There was never a Sunday where these two teams face off as currently built where the Cowboys would out coach the Patriots. So, what’s next? The simple answer is the Buffalo Bills, and their dreaded winning record. The remaining schedule is: Bills, at Chicago, home for the Rams, at the Eagles, finish at home against Washington. I understand, this team doesn’t deserve this thought, but they SHOULD win out, barring this game against Buffalo. So, that does mean playoffs, and I still believe this team will win in the wild card round and get the boot in the divisional, because that’s just how it goes. Will it be Garrett the rest of the way? I’m fairly certain I’ve written the “fire Jason Garrett” piece three times, but the only way it happens now during the season is if the Bills stride in and record down on the Cowboys. If this game looks like the Chargers’ game from 2017, where it’s as ugly as grandma’s dog or your cousin’s girlfriend, Jerry Jones, as frustrated as he clearly is right now, WILL make that emotional, RASH, yet correct decision. This team would be the same finishing the season out without Garrett.

The last two losses the Cowboys have were clearly coaching. The Patriots game, the entirety of when the Cowboys were on special teams was a JOOOKE. And versus the Vikings, Mike Zimmer was super cool on the Cowboys’ final drive because he knew, he f***ing KNEW, the Cowboys would screw it up. The Jets game, I don’t know what that was but let’s put that on the lack of preparation. If the Cowboys get the doors blown off, the coaching search starts on Black Friday.

The Bills. The Bills have a ton of brought in talent to surround the pieces that they’ve drafted well. They drafted Josh Allen, left tackle Dion Dawkins, right tackle Cody Ford, and running back Devin Singletary, so to ease them along, the Bills’ brought in an entire interior offensive line, the pair of John Brown and Cole Beasley, and the legend Frank Gore. On defense they drafted Tremaine Edwards (on the All-Underrated team), Tre’Davious White, Shaq Lawson, and man/monster Ed Oliver. They brought in Star Lotulelei, Trent Murphy, Jerry Hughes, and Micah Hyde. It’s a decently balanced team, and just because it’s the Bills is the reason for the surprisingly excellent record.

The world always wants to attach super heroes to their favorite athletes. Josh Allen is a Hal Jordan to Cam Newton’s John Stewart. Both have similar games, where they have some of the most dangerous rushing ability in the league, they both carry the brunt of it all for their teams. Josh Allen has had a really solid sophomore season, maybe the best of his class (given where he was last year to his projected improvement this season, I KNOW Lamar Jackson is in that class, chill). In games this season, if he’s completing 61 percent of his passes in a game, the Bills are winning. That’s not asking a ton of their quarterback. Devin Singletary is coming in hot over the last four games, taking carries away from Frank Gore and really taking advantage.

For the Cowboys, it has to be a purge of all of it. This team in the Bills, has a winning record, which means something to somebody, but regardless this is a good team that’ll give the Cowboys a good game on Thanksgiving.

Remember: The Cowboys lose, and make a real steamer of it, we’ll all be a little more thankful for the gift we’ve all just received.

Side dish: Does the knowledge of how Jason Garrett coaches, does that not change the narrative of how Tony Romo’s career was and went for the Cowboys? He coached over Romo from 2007 (Romo’s first full season) through to his retirement. If Jerry Jones’ greatest public regret was wasting Romo’s talent, how can he not see that Garrett is “Romo-ing” Dak Prescott? Just a side thought to nosh on.

Dallas – 28
Buffalo – 24