Bon Voyage! 5 Ideas for Preserving Your Travel Memories

There is nothing more life-changing than traveling the world. Whether you stay at an all-inclusive or backpack South America, you always return with amazing memories.

How can you ensure those memories don’t get forgotten?

While journaling can be fun, most people don’t review old travel journals very often. For memories, you want to reflect on regularly, get creative with how you remember them. Here are some of the best ways to keep your travel memories alive.

Grab a Paper Map
Despite the almost universal switch to Google Maps when traveling, most hotels still have paper maps. You can stop in any hotel, hostel, or tourist center and find one.

Paper maps are great ways to remember your travel memories.

You can mark the cities you visited and the route you took. And, you can write short blurbs about your time in each place right on the map.

When you get home, you could frame the paper map and hang it on the wall. Or, fold it up and place it in a shadow box frame.

Send Yourself Postcards
So many amazing things happen while traveling that you don’t want to forget. The language mistake you made that caused the barista to laugh. Or, when you got lost and ended up somewhere even better than you planned.

These experiences can live forever on postcards.

In each destination, find a postcard that demonstrates how you feel about the place. Write your memories on the back and mail them back to your home address.

When you return home, you’ll have a bunch of memories waiting in your mailbox.

Create a Social Media Page
There’s no need to wait for the film to develop when you can take photos on your phone. Rather than upload them all to a post-trip album, create a dedicated page.

Every day, post one or two photos that capture your day.

Your friends and family can follow you, but the account is truly for you to document your memories.

With digital photo editing tools, like a meme creator, you can tell a story with your photos. Add text like your location and a special memory about the day.

Create a Playlist
You can discover new music in every city you visit. Often, those new songs create the ambiance of your trip.

As you travel, use Shazam to identify the songs you hear. Add them to a playlist labeled with the city you’re in.

Later, when you want to feel like your back in Barcelona, simply put on the playlist. In seconds you’ll be brought back to the beach, the Colosseum, or wherever your playlist is from.

Want More Ways to Store Your Travel Memories?

The memories you make on vacation become the stories of your life. Forgetting them would be a shame.

Luckily, there are tons of fun ways to remember your travel memories. Use the tips above for inspiration.

For more tips for travel planning and memory-making, check out the Travel section of our blog!