Big 3 Playoffs Excite in Big D

Killer 3’s Stephen Jackson hits the game changing 3-pointer against last year’s champions Trilogy.
Photo Courtesy: Davince “Dino” Wright

By DaVince “Dino” Wright

The Big 3 didn’t disappoint hoop fans in Dallas. From start to finish legendary coaches, players and celebrities packed the AAC on a humid Friday night. The action was packed from the first game.

The crowd was energized and hip hop music boomed throughout the arena. Ice Cube and Michael Rappaport came out and got the crowd into the pregame game festivities. This is the second season for the league and it has so much more room for growth. The players tryout (training camp), then there’s a draft and the salary is the same for every single player. Not to mention, every player has a foundation that they showcase in every city. I can see how much more the Big 3 can grow in the coming years because of its personal approach to the fans. After every game the players show up in the arena’s concourse to take pictures and sign autographs. 3’s Company guard Andre Emmett hosted over 200 kids for Friday night game.

The Big 3 Championship game will be played between Power and 3’s Company next Friday in Brooklyn for the second season finale. This game will go down to the wire because both teams play physical in the paint and have great shooters from the perimeter.

Power coached by Hall Of Famer Nancy Lieberman turned the horses loose when Catino Mobley, Corey Maggette and Glen “Big Baby” Davis squeaked past Tri-State with a 2 point win. “Big Baby`s’ tough play in the paint made all of the difference in the game”, Coach Liberman shared. Corey Maggette reinjured his hamstring while Catino Mobley struggled in the latter parts of the game with a thigh injury.

Dallas Native Andre Emmett put on a scoring show for the hometown fans. Andre scored 30 points to lead 3’s Company to the championship game. Every thing he put up went in! Emmett, played for Carter High School in Oak Cliff and while at Texas Tech in Lubbock showed glimpses of what the NBA missed when he played for the Memphis Grizzlies. They beat the 3 Headed Monsters by 22 points!

In the consolation game, the Ball Hogs led by Andrea Owens, DeShawn Stevenson and Coached by NBA Hall Of Famer Rick Barry beat last year’s champions Triology by 15 points and got their 32nd win of the season. Andre Owens got hot behind the 3-point stripe and that was that. The Ball Hogs are looking forward to next year with well rested players and picks in the draft.

My Prediction for next week’s championship game: I’m taking Power by 3 points. The over/under will be 88 so take the over in this week. On my arena food scale this one will be a 10. Which means large nachos, a pretzel with extra cheese an a Miller Light (Large Coke for non drinkers)…