Best Things to do in Dallas

Big D is a great place to visit and makes you feel like family! Photo Courtesy: Daxis

Dallas, Texas can be defined by tourists using one word; big. Everything is bigger in Dallas, big ideas, big thinking, and big success. The city is a hotspot for tourists from all around the world, but US citizens often visit the city to pay their respects to John F. Kennedy.

After all, it was here where he was assassinated as he drove along Elm Street as he passed by the local Texas School Book Depository.

Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures
This is a perfect stop off point for those who are traveling as a family; or even if you aren’t. Scattered around Pioneer Plaza, you can expect to find an array of marvelous life-size sculptures. The original idea of the iconic western sculptures came from Trammell Crow. The result is fascinating, with various statues of horseback cowboys, trail drivers and longhorn cattle.

Furthermore, this is located in the most significant public park in the city; which means it is an ideal pit stop for anyone to have lunch while taking in all of the stories from the western days.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens
Dallas boasts lovely weather temperatures throughout the year, which means that their beautiful Arboretum and botanical gardens are a perfect attraction. There is a lot of interest to be had over the 66-acre gardens, with the best area an eight-acre Rory Meyers Children’s adventure garden. The kids can have an enjoyable time in this area, with fun play and exploration areas. Meanwhile, the parents can have a relaxed afternoon in the Children’s Garden Cafe.

However, as you would imagine there are various areas around the location which also present a perfect place for a picnic, should you want to bring your own food. The Arboretum and Botanical Gardens pride themselves on being a quiet retreat with well-persevered grounds protecting the exotic plants that visitors can see.

The Sixth Floor Museum
Undoubtedly the most historic event to take place in the city was the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and here visitors can learn all about what made him one of the country’s most loved leaders. The Sixth Floor Museum outlines the facts and the events of that fateful day on the 22nd November 1963. As well as documenting the events on that day, the museum also tells the story of Kennedy from birth and shows visitors of the former Presidents policies.

Each admission includes a self-guided audio tour, while the visitors can also stand on the exact point where the shots that killed the President were apparently fired. Along with this, there is an extensive selection of options available in the cafe; so visitors can spend hours looking around this educational establishment.

American Airlines Center
This location plays host to a range of entertainment events; with the most notable being NBA and NHL action. The arena is the home location for the Dallas Stars and the Dallas Mavericks. As you would imagine, there is also complimentary wifi which enables fans to keep themselves entertained at halftime. One way in which fans’ are kept busy is by winning money through the guidance of Slots Expert.

It is a clean and comfortable arena, with over 21,000 people able to fit in. There are hundreds of stands to get food and drink, and all visitors can have a good time.