Best Sports Betting Apps You Need to Explore

Photo Courtesy: Bruce Mars

Just like casino gambling, sports betting has always discovered innovative ways to move with times. Evolving from high street betting shops to the online sports betting industry. And now, sports betting has found its way to the palm of our hands. And surely, all the credit goes to mobile sports betting apps.

Back in the days, everything used to be quite simple. Phones were only meant for making calls and sending messages. And, applications were known to be something that you fill in when you are job hunting.

However, gone are the days when gamblers used to take a trip to a local sportsbook and sit in front of a computer to place a bet via sites such as Instead, gamblers now have the privilege of using handheld devices to place a certain bet, whether they are using a smartphone or a tablet device. For that reason, we have decided to have an in-depth look at some of the best online sports betting apps available around the world.

DraftKings Betting App
This is one of the two Daily Fantasy Sports Company to enter the world of sports betting. DraftKings surprised almost everyone in the industry when they decided to take the lead with the best mobile betting apps. This vibrant online sportsbook offers a $25 no deposit bonus, alongside a match bet up to a maximum of a whopping $500 to new customers. Moreover, DraftKings managed to add PayPal to enhance their options and making sure that bettors have the best online betting experience.

William Hill
William Hill has been in the game of betting for a long time. And they know all the good and the bad when it comes to online betting and slots online real money. Therefore, they are very much aware of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to sports betting. Their mobile sports betting app is easy to use, very sophisticated and easy to navigate. You should give yourself time to explore the William Hill app and other sport betting apps that are available. And surely you will not regret it.