Avengers: Infinity War Review

Avengers: Infinity War brings lots of sensation and hype and is worth it in all aspects.
Photo Courtesy: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

By Kyler Kuehler

Avengers: Infinity War is superhero/comic book film released on April 27, 2018. It continues the stories from the films The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron. In this first part of the final chapter, the team must face the malevolent Thanos─who seeks the six Infinity Stones. There is still grudge against some of the team─they must put their differences aside in order to save not only the Earth but the entire universe. With Thanos stopping at nothing to retrieve the stones, will the Avengers manage to save the universe or is this really the end-all of end-all?

After months, or should I say years of waiting I can finally give my take on this Hollywood blockbuster. Start to finish I would have to reward the film nine out of ten stars and here’s why.

There, of course, is the plot to begin my argument─a thought out plan. Each twist and turn lead to more action, exactly how a superhero/comic book film should be. Even the idea of giving out plenty of answers, not all, made the film more enjoyable. However, the plot can’t be complete without the aid of the characters.

The characters brought out the best in the film. From the twists and turns to every action scene laid before us we are never disappointed. To make us jump up with great enthusiasm would have to be the entrance every character made. How they each played a crucial role in the film made us want more of everyone. Even when it appeared their time may be coming to an end soon we couldn’t get enough.

But, I still felt there were just a little too many characters and as a result causes some confusion to what was happening. It’s great to have plenty of characters, but too many can make the audience lose interest in the whole meaning of the film itself.

Then, with the film involving heavy action scenes, the special effects are the last big aspect. Whether it’s a battle or just time with dialogue, this film doesn’t disappoint in any way. At times it was hard to believe they were able to bring some of these scenes to life, but that’s what made it more believable.

Above all the film was worth every penny from my pocket and minute of my time and it will be for everyone else who watches Avengers: Infinity War.

Now, let’s sit back and wait for the final chapter of the Avengers when all questions will be answered.