Arrow Season Four: Winter Finale Review

The season 4 recap of the CW's Arrow. Image Courtesy: Kaorukimura
The season 4 recap of the CW’s Arrow.
Image Courtesy: Kaorukimura

By Alex Gustafson

The CW’s Arrow has been on hiatus for three weeks. Now is the time to think about what is going to happen in the second half of the show’s fourth season.

The writers went a different direction by introducing the season’s primary villain in the season premiere. Damien Darhk, who was introduced last last season by Ra’s al Ghul when he was grooming Oliver to assume leadership of the League of Assassins. However, viewers were never given a look at the infamous Darhk, who broke away from the League and created his own group, known by the acronym H.I.V.E.

Mysticism was introduced this season, an element viewers likely expected to see on the network’s Arrow spin-off The Flash.

The introduction of Alex, Oliver’s campaign manager gave viewers another character to monitor during this season. While his action in the “light” in helping lead Oliver’s campaign give Alex the appearance of a good guy, it feels that there is more to him than meets the eye with a relationship with The Queen developing in the first half of the season.

Furthermore, having a second villain for Oliver to be concerned about in Star City the form of Anarchy is new for the superhero drama as compared to its previous seasons. However, the lingering question is the whereabouts of the mysterious Anarky since his debut this season and what role, if any, he will play this season in Darhk’s plans for Star City.

Other questions for the second half of season four include:

  1. Where do viewers find Oliver and Felicity after the events of the winter finale?
  2. Whose name is on the gravestone?
  3. What is Darhk’s plan for Star City, more specifically Star City Bay?
  4. Will a second Queen for mayoral campaign in two years be successful?
  5. Will John Diggle get more information about H.I.V.E from his brother, Andy?
  6. How will Oliver and Co. defeat Darhk and H.I.V.E?