Andrei Arlovski Won’t Make it Back to the Top

Photo Courtesy: Robarboz
Photo Courtesy: Robarboz

By Kyler Kuehler

Former heavyweight champion and number 13 ranked heavyweight contender Andrei Arlovski saw his first win in almost two years when he defeated number 12 ranked contender Junior Albini via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27) at UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs. Pettis thus breaking his five-fight losing streak.

Yes, he finally earned a victory and he was desperate for one because if he saw another loss it could have very well lead to the end of his career as we know it. So, we all know he probably plans to stick around for some more fights and that would be great, but no matter how much more he fights it looks like his days of rising to the top again are long past him.

There is, of course, his recent performances where he would lose four of his five losses via a finish of knockout or submission and one via a slaughtering unanimous decision. This is all from a guy that was once the most dangerous fighter the heavyweight division had to offer from his aggressive behavior inside the octagon alongside him devastating knockout power, which gave him 17 of his 26 wins via a way of knockout. Not to mention, he was the first man ever to knockout out the toughest chin in the sport of mixed martial arts, Roy Nelson. But even his knockout power seems to have dissolved from his body along with his ability to take heavy hits or even properly avoid any takedowns as shown from his five losses.

Now, yes, he did just win a dominating unanimous decision victory over Junior Albini, but that was not one of his best performances as he took many hits and really did not attack as aggressive as he usually does once again proving he is no longer and will never again be the man he once was. Even the fact he defeated a number 12 ranked opponent when he is ranked 13 and his opponent has only begun his career still giving him a chance to improve and possibly make it further in his career after learning from this fight. Not a very big win on his part and it will probably be as big of a win he can get until he finally realizes he just can’t compete with the new generation the UFC has to offer now.

I mean, the current champion Stipe Miocic already knocked him out and Alistair Overeem and Francis Ngannou did just the same, so it’s pretty clear he would suffer a similar fate against former champions Fabricio Werdum and Cain Velasquez.

If he wanted to keep fighting is completely up to him, but if he does he must come to face reality and the reality is he will never get back to the top or anywhere near UFC gold as long as the division continues to grow into new talent.