7 Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas (Apart From Gambling All Night)


In 2019, there were 42.5 million visitors to the wonderful Las Vegas. No wonder!

An awesome city in the middle of the desert, Vegas is truly unique. People come from all over the world to enjoy the sights and the atmosphere that Vegas has to offer. From the strip to the edges of the city, there’s something for everyone.

Las Vegas is particularly famous for its gambling culture. Littered with grand casinos and tourists trying their luck, gambling has overshadowed everything else that Vegas has to offer.

If you’re not a gambler, you might even wonder why you’d visit this city—but the truth is, there are plenty of fun things to do in Las Vegas that don’t require risking your money.

These are just some of them! 

1. Climb the Stratosphere
On Las Vegas Boulevard, north of the Strip, there’s a place that’s visible for miles called the Stratosphere. 

It’s a hotel and casino but, more excitingly, it’s also the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States. You can take a ride to the very top during the day or at night for breath-taking views of the city.

Relax, have a drink, and enjoy the photo opportunities—or, if you’re brave, check out the thrill rides. The Stratosphere will allow you to dangle over the edge and stare all the way down to the ground if you’re more into adventure than chilling out. 

2. Take a Day Trip to the Grand Canyon
In the next state over, Arizona is the famous Grand Canyon.

Although it’s a whole state away, it’s a truly wondrous sight and pretty easy to get to from Vegas. Day trips are offered by various companies in the city. Take a bus for the whole day and walk around the edge of the canyon, or take a helicopter for an aerial view and a shorter trip.

If you’re from out of town and aren’t usually this close to such an amazing phenomenon, this is a must-see. 

3. Enjoy the Nightlife
For many, nightlife in Vegas involves gambling — but there are things to do in Las Vegas at night that are just as fun.

Namely, the bars.

The best bars in Vegas are unlike anywhere else in the world. From cocktail lounges to tiki bars, there’s something for everyone. The atmosphere in these bars, just like the rest of Vegas is fun, casual, and friendly.

While the gamblers are losing their money on slot machines, you can be spending it on a well-deserved drink after a day at the Grand Canyon! 

4. Watch the Bellagio Fountains
From 3 pm to 8 pm on weekdays (and more frequently on the weekends and during holidays), the Bellagio puts on an amazing show.

The Fountains of Bellagio use light, water, and music to create a truly spectacular show that’s worth seeing. It’s also one of the top things to do in Las Vegas for couples since the Bellagio aims to showcase the romantic spirit of the resort with the show.

The show is central to the city and so frequent, there’s no excuse for missing something so spectacular. Stop by on a walk through the city or after checking out the views that the Stratosphere has to offer.

5. Visit Death Valley
Death Valley doesn’t sound like a particularly appealing place due to its ominous name, but taking a day trip here is actually one of the best things to do in Las Vegas during the day. 

Only a two-hour drive from the Strip, it has some amazing wildlife, nature, and viewpoints. You’ll think you’ve stepped onto another world when you move from the hub of central Las Vegas to this amazing place in nature.

The temperature here can get very high, hence the name, so make sure you dress appropriately!

6. Walk the Strip
The Las Vegas Strip is the most famous part of the city, but it’s for good reason.

It’s a long stretch of road with a huge variety of attractions. Not only are most of the famous hotels here, but there are some amazing restaurants, luxury and boutique stores, and entertainment. 

If possible, try to visit it at night as well as during the day. The views at night are amazing, and taking a drive down this road will provide you with scenery like nowhere else. 

7. Sample a Famous Las Vegas Buffet
One of the top things to do in Las Vegas that should never be overlooked? The buffets.

Some buffets can be very expensive, especially close to the Strip, but they’re usually worth it. Vegas prides itself on having a wide variety of all-you-can-eat buffets. Whether you want breakfast, dinner, or some drunk food at 3 a.m., there will be a buffet to suit your needs.

The only danger with this one is eating yourself into a food coma! Even then, you won’t regret the choice. 

There Are So Many Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas That Aren’t Gambling
The city might be famous for its gambling, and it does have a wide variety of awesome casinos if that’s what you’re into. However, there are so many more fun things to do in Las Vegas that get overshadowed by one of its most famous aspects!

If you’re a foodie, check out the buffets. If you’re a nature or history buff, a day trip to the close-by Death Valley is for you. Whatever your interests are, Las Vegas is a city with a lot of entertainment and surrounded by other amazing places. 

Give it a try for your next vacation!

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