5 Ways to Consume CBD

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CBD has been growing steadily in popularity for some time now. With medical and recreational marijuana becoming more common throughout the United States, there has been a huge increase in the number of commercially available products for consuming cannabis-based extracts. Here are the five most common ways that CBD is consumed.

Oils and Tinctures
Oils and tinctures are CBD extracts of varying concentrations. The more concentrated an extract is, the greater the amount of CBD per unit of volume. In other words, a smaller drop of a highly concentrated extract will contain more of the active compounds.

Tinctures tend to be more concentrated than oils and are often purer. This means that they contain mostly CBD, with isolates containing very high purity CBD and few or none other cannabinoids. They are absorbed sublingually (under the tongue).

Edibles, as you may have guessed, are foods laced with CBD. This is usually achieved by cooking with CBD oil. Full spectrum extracts are often preferred to isolates for this method. Some people even buy bulk CBD hemp seeds, grow their own hemp plant, and then extract the oil from it. This allows the user to ingest the full range of compounds in the cannabis plant without becoming inebriated.

Hemp-based edibles are perfect for anyone who needs to remain alert and functional but who also wants to benefit from the medicinal effects of cannabis. Hemp contains so little THC that you can’t get high from it. Note that some drug tests can detect tiny concentrations of THC and you might get a false positive after using full-spectrum extracts. If so, use CBD isolate in your cooking.

Edibles take up to an hour to start working but also last for a very long time. This is one of the most efficient ways of absorbing CBD into the system.

Lotions are topical formulations of CBD that are applied directly to the skin and absorbed transdermally. These formulations of CBD are best suited to people looking to take advantage of CBD’s painkilling properties. CBD also acts as an anti-inflammatory, which is very useful if your muscles are swollen or bruised.

Patches are another transdermal form of CBD. The patch is applied to the skin and a liquid inside, usually CBD isolate, enters the bloodstream at a steady rate. Patches can be used to give more precise doses than lotions and are most commonly found as medical products for treating nausea associated with cancer treatment.

Vaporizers are probably the most common way of taking CBD extracts. Oils or liquid-based extracts are placed in a special tank on a commercial vaporizer and used just like any other e-liquid. Vaporizing CBD oil allows for a very fast onset of action, often taking less than a minute for the CBD to reach the brain. Unfortunately, the effects are relatively short-lived when using this method and tend to wear off after an hour or two. Products also vary wildly in quality.

Experiment with the different means of consuming CBD and find which one works best for you. Different routes of administration are often suited to treating different conditions. Consider what it is that you want out of your CBD before you decide which way to consume it.

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