My 2016 Dallas Fan Days Experience

Every year, Dallas Comic Con's Fan Days gets bigger and better. Photo Courtesy: Dominic Ceraldi
Every year, Dallas Comic Con’s Fan Days gets bigger and better. Photo Courtesy: Dominic Ceraldi

By Alex Gustafson

For the third consecutive year I attended Dallas Fan Days in Irving. This year I attended the event with my sister, this being her first convention as a birthday present my me.

We arrived at the Convention Center around 10 a.m. and entered the exhibit hall to look at what the vendors had at their tables.

Lunch at noon proved to be eventful because we had to find a place to sit and eat. The escalator that went up to the cafe area had backed up to the point where a line formed and snaked throughout the lobby which lasted for around 45 minutes.

Following lunch we went up to the third floor junior ballroom to begin our wait for our duo photo op with Stephen Amell and John Barrowman of the CW’s Arrow.

On the fourth floor we attended a Q and A panel for Robbie Amell, cousin to of Stephen and guest star on The Flash, lead on The Tomorrow People and Amell revealed details about his recurring role on season 10 of The X-Files on Fox.

By attending the younger Amell’s panel we were unable to to find a seat for Stephen’s panel even though we had gold passes, which allow for priority entry to Q and A panels and early entry to the exhibit hall floor.

To end the day, I made one last trip back into the exhibit hall and comics to further two storylines I had been collecting for the last year.

We arrived at the Convention Center at 9 a.m. and were on the exhibit hall floor by 9:30. Our first panel of the day was Will Friedle, known for his roles on Boy Meets World, Batman Beyond and Kim Possible was our first panel of the day at noon.

David Ramsey of Arrow and Dexter, appearing for the second consecutive year was next up at 1:30. I was able to ask Ramsey how the cast reacted to learning about the flash forward which takes places in the season four premiere and some of the behind the scsenes antics on the Arrow set.

At the conclusion of Ramsey’s panel, we joined an overflow line for gold pass members for John Barrowman’s Q and A panel. Barrowman’s panel lasted for an hour and was moderated by Barrowman himself, without the presence of a moderator. My sister even got to ask him what his favorite Valentine’s Day gift was.

To conclude our time at 2016 Dallas Fan Days I bought a Flash themed vinyl lined bag at the on site Fan Days store.

Since I went to my first Fan Days in 2014, Fan Expo has changed exclusives available to gold pass holders free of charge; notably t-shirts, comics and posters. This is one policy I would like to see changed back to the way it was as recently as February 2015.