2020 NBA Playoffs Review

The NBA postseason picture is shaping up to be a interest one. Photo Courtesy: www.yourbestdigs.com

By DaVince “Dino” Wright

This has been one of the most entertaining NBA playoffs in recent history. The defending NBA champions Toronto Raptors were sent home by the young Boston Celtics. The Philadelphia 76ers lost in the first round. The Houston Rockets lost in the semis to the Lakers and Head Coach Mike D’Antoni isn`t coming back next year and the Denver Nuggets has a game 7 with the favorite Clippers in tonight’s game.

Game 7 – LA Clippers vs Denver Nuggets – Series tied 3-3

The Clippers are the favorites to win this years NBA title, but the Denver Nuggets stand in their way. The series was all but over at 3 games to 1 for the Clippers, until Denver found their second win to come back and tie the series. Denver is led by Jamal Murray and surprise star in Nikola Jokic. Well not at all a surprise with Jokic is an all star that has guard skills as a big man. On the side of the ball, the Clippers` Paul George has found his game this series averaging 25 points per game. At times, his shot selection puts the team in bad situations. One pass one shot has gotten the Clippers in trouble on the defensive end. Kawhi Leonard has to take over the games in the 3rd quarter to be successful. Kawhi is the best player on the floor, but sometimes takes a back seat to other team mates that’s struggling on the offensive end. He needs the ball in his hands. The winner of this series will play the LA Lakers in the conference finals. My prediction: The Clippers will win by 12 tonight!

Game 1 Eastern Conference Finals – Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat 

Small ball is the key in Eastern Play! Boston`s center and the Miami Heat`s center are 6`8 respectively. Both teams are guard driven which means both teams has their best shooters on the floor. I see this series going 7 games! The key players for the Boston Celtics are JaysonTatum, Jaylen Brown and Kamba Walker. The all average of 20 points per game during the playoffs. Jayson Tatum is also leading the team in rebounds with 10 per game as well. Look for Boston to run the Miami Heat down with quick screens and pick and roll on the offensive end. The Miami Heat will unleash their big dog Jimmy Butler tonight. Butler is the toughest player on the team with his style of play. He can score the ball, but his defense will be the catalyst for the teams success in the ECF. He leads the team with 21 points per game and 3 steals on the other end. Center Bam Adebayo is as tough as they come. He can guard anyone in the paint and on the wing. Three point shooting will put them over the top! Guards Tyler Herro and Gorman Dragic are averaging 4 made 3 pointers a game. That’s a whooping 12 points off the bench. I see this series going 7 games with the Miami Heat representing the East in the NBA Finals this year.