2020 Dallas Cowboys Report Card

Dallas Cowboys owner, president and general manager will probably be assigned the lion’s share of the blame for another difficult season. Photo Courtesy: Matt Pearce

By DaVince “Dino” Wright

The New York Giants closed the door on a very bad season for Dallas. Every week the Dallas Cowboys were one of the most watched teams in the NFL. People weren’t watching to see if they could turn the corner and salvage the season that was given to this team. Dallas was supposed to win the NFC East easily with the contracts of wide out Amari Cooper and running back Zeke Elliott getting paid along with key players on the defense. QB Dak Prescott was next to get a max deal and get the Cowboys back into championship form. Well that didn’t happen! Dak was injured in the fifth game and the plans for any type of championship went right along with any other plans that the team had. I will break down all three phases of the team and grade them at the end of each segment.

The offensive line was make shift at best. Dallas offense is known by that line. For the past 16 years the Dallas offensive line has been the flagship for this team. Dallas has used 13 different line ups this season that pretty much left the running game null and void. The last four games of the season the offensive line looked as if they were finally coming together. Run blocking, pass protection and overall skill set has made the offense look primitive at times. The running game was near the bottom of the league giving up 41 tackles for loss and 22 sacks this year to mediocre defensive lines. Final Grade: D-

The defensive line sets the tone for the defense. This year with the addition of DE Aldon Smith and the huge contracts of DeMarcus Lawrence and LB Jaylon Smith the Cowboys defense got pushed around. LB Leighton Vander Esch was injured and coming back to play was hard to watch. LB Sean Lee has lost a step since he’s been back. The cornerbacks are young and talented, but showed their youth with costly penalties and losing sight of wide receivers they were covering during crucial points of every game. The defense gave up an average of 34 points per game. Final Score: F

I can spend all day talking about coaching and mistakes made this season. First year head coach Mike McCarthy has dropped the ball with overall control over this team. Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore shouldn’t be able to call any plays because he can’t make adjustments. There’s no possible way you have the best running back not getting the ball. Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has shown that making adjustments with young fresh players was out of the question. A 53 man rooster with young talent watched how the starters were out matched all year. Final Score: C-

The Dallas Cowboys brand is one of the richest sports organizations in the world. For the past six years this team has been mediocre at best. No one wants to tell the truth about what this organization has put on the football field for years. Do they want to win a Super Bowl or jersey sales? We are getting tired of buying merchandise that’s worthless! Let’s be honest, I’m tired of saying, “Wait until next year!” I want to win now! It’s funny how these young players are playing for huge contracts and when they get them, they disappear. Get it together Dallas!