2019 Western Conference Finals Game 3 Preview

Damian Lillard and the Trailblazers will need to be colossal at home to even up the series.
Photo Courtesy: thoungfu

By Da’Vince “Dino” Wright

Records Before the Game
Golden State Warriors (57-25, 2-0)
Portland Trailblazers (53-29, 0-2)

Game Info
Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trailblazers
Date: May 18, 2019
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Place: Moda Center, Portland, Oregon

Let’s see if I can sort this out for ya. Golden State is missing Kevin Durant and Boogie Cousins. They are up two games to none to a really good team in the Trailblazers and there are no problems. Portland on the other hand has stopped playing team ball and has started launching 3’s like there’s only 2 seconds left on the clock. Let’s take a look at what’s really going on.

Golden State Warriors
Anytime a player celebrates a shot before it goes through the net means you are in trouble. The key to beating the Warriors is to disrupt their flow. Well that hasn’t happened and looks like it won’t happen. Golden Sate is having fun by using weapons on and off the bench. Klay Thompson is getting his touches and is shutting down Lillard and McCollum on the wing. The whole team is on fire. The Warriors bench has outscored the Trailblazers starters in both games this series. I don’t see the Warriors slowing down anytime soon. The key to a win on the road for Golden State is to completely take away the guard play for the Blazers and put up shots in bulk.

Portland Trailblazers
All year critics and fans has spewed venom about who has the best back court in the NBA. The Portland back court of McCollum and Lillard were hands down the favorites (tight margin) coming into this series. Well, the numbers don’t lie. Both guys are struggling to score 20 points a game. High volume shots on one pass one shot possession is killing this team. One-on-one play by Portland is making it so easy for the Warriors to start fast breaks. When you give a good team chances to score baskets with 10-13 seconds left in the shot clock, you are basically giving the game away. Let’s see if Portland can clean up this mess they’ve made at home for Game 3.

I really want to see the Trailblazers throw the first punch in this series. It’s almost like the Warriors are bullying them and the Trailblazers needs their big brother to come to their rescue. Final score: Trailblazers 112 – Golden State 100. (Wishful thinking?)

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