2018 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

The Cleveland Browns have had the first overall pick before and understand they must choose wisely.
Photo Courtesy: Erik Drost

When it comes to the NFL Draft… make Big Shucks your first round pick!

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By Zach Walker

1. Cleveland Browns – QB Baker Mayfield
Spicy pick right here. Mayfield is an acquired taste, and has that ‘Stand Alone, Me against the world’ mentality that’s now ingrained in all Browns fans. He’s a wild card, and talented enough to get something going for the Dawg Pound. 

2. New York Giants – OL Quentin Nelson
Whoever is dropping back into that pocket is going to be under siege. The Giants don’t have to take Nelson at two, they can trade back, but not far, because Nelson is going to be a hot commodity.

3. New York Jets (IND) – QB Lamar Jackson
The Kirk Cousins talks ended up with him getting out of New York unsigned and becoming a Viking and so the Jets rolled the dice and signed former Viking Teddy Bridgewater. Lamar Jackson is talented, he’s athletic, he could end up starting for the J-E-T-S! Lamar Jackson should come out swinging and could become this season’s Deshaun Watson.

4. Cleveland Browns (HOU) – DE Bradley Chubb
They need to add more firepower on defense, Chubb is the other side of the coin across from Myles Garrett. This duo could wreak devastation on opposing offenses next season.

5. Denver Broncos – QB Sam Darnold
Denver is likely going to be led by a brand new signal-caller this season. Darnold might be the quarterback that Elway has been looking for, and the “something” to stabilize that side of the ball for Vance Joseph.

6. Indianapolis Colts (NYJ) – RB Saquon Barkley
The Colts aren’t going to return the ageless Frank Gore, so they are going to need a back to take the heat off of Brissett/Luck. Barkley is a dynamic three down back, that’ll go a long way towards easing Luck back into the saddle, and giving Frank Reich a strong weapon.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – CB Denzel Ward
Maybe the Bucs are looking at quarterbacks, maybe that don’t know about Winston going deep into the future. Or maybe it was just a bad team season, didn’t help that the NFC South woke up and needed a team to pick up division losses. Vernon Hargreaves needs someone across from him to help elevate his game, and Ward is the man to combat the tornado of NFC South play.

8. Chicago Bears – WR Calvin Ridley
Mitch Trubisky needs weapons. Water is wet, and the Bears need to give their leader some pieces around him. Ridley is a heads-up player, demonstrated in the National championship game when he caught a touchdown not intended for him. Anything helps the Bears.

9. San Francisco 49ers – CB Mike Hughes
The 49ers will get more weapons for Jimmy Garoppolo, but they don’t need to overspend in the draft for them. They need some more premium defenders, and Hughes from UCF is a solid all-around cornerback.

10. Oakland Raiders – LB Tremaine Edmunds
Jon Gruden is seemingly set at most positions across his roster, just needing upgrades at certain positions, and him grabbing a “Derrick Brooks” is a great start point. Edmunds is a fierce tackler and has added pass rush ability, but he’s a power backer, and would be a strong addition to the Raiders’ defense.

11. Miami Dolphins – QB Josh Rosen
I don’t know how many more lives Ryan Tannehill has left, because he rode the wave of multi-coordinators for a long-time, and is now coming back from knee injury, so planning for the future is a solid contingency. Rosen is a solid quarterback to sit and wait behind Tannehill for a season, and be ready for a Tannehill departure.

12. Buffalo Bills (CIN) – QB Mason Rudolph
The Bills need a quarterback, and they thought they had something in Peterman, but he threw five picks in his debut before reluctantly returning to Tyrod Taylor. Taylor shouldn’t even take a phone call from Buffalo this offseason, maybe end up in Arizona. Mason Rudolph is my second favorite quarterback behind Lamar Jackson. Measures up really well, solid character guy, and threw two receivers into this draft with him. Rudolph would represent a solid fresh start for the Bills.

13. Washington Redskins – RB Derrius Guice
Washington was the first to shake the bottle this offseason, by trading for Alex Smith and sending Kirk Cousins on the campaign trail. But Alex Smith needs a running back to be at maximum effect. Guice doesn’t have the same hype as Fournette did coming out, but I believe can have the same instant impact as the man that came before him.

14. Green Bay Packers – WR Courtland Sutton
The Packers need to give Aaron Rodgers some weapons, or they could need up losing him, because he’s basically a ‘One-man Army’ every game who just has to throw to options who got their Velcro name plates in that morning. Courtland Sutton didn’t show up at the combine, but that’s no surprise to me. Sutton is a long stride runner, a matchup nightmare, and a clutch performer.

15. Arizona Cardinals – OT Connor Williams
The Cardinals need to figure out their quarterback situation. Maybe a play for Tannehill or maybe a draft pick. But they could bolster their offensive line with this pick and make holes larger for when David Johnson returns from injury. Conner Williams is a mauler and could make a quarterback that “one more second” standing in the pocket more comfortable.

16. Baltimore Ravens – RB Ronald Jones
The Ravens haven’t really ever replaced Ray Rice, though Alex Collins is seemingly the best guy to try, they could use a bona fide. Jones might have pulled a hamstring at the combine, but that’ll force the teams interested to sit and watch what he did at USC. Just killer consistency, strong averages and a clear nose for the endzone.

17. Los Angeles Chargers – DT Vita Vea
This year’s beautiful big-man. Combine crusher. Nightmare from the interior defensive line. Vea is just the answer to plugging interior gaps, and has the quick whip to blow around and the power to blow through offensive linemen.

18. Seattle Seahawks – DE Marcus Davenport
Seahawks are reportedly, shopping Michael Bennett, and that says that they’re in the market for a replacement. Home-grown in San Antonio, Davenport is a dream project, and a mold player of DeMarcus Ware, complete with exceptional bend and dip.

19. Dallas Cowboys – LB Roquan Smith
The Cowboys must begin to replace Sean Lee. Jaylon Smith is getting healthier by the day, however Anthony Hitchens didn’t agree to a home-town discount and is now a Chief. Roquan Smith is the reason that Oklahoma didn’t play in the national championship game, with his fourth quarter and overtime play. He’s a sideline to sideline player, and can be the player to soak up as much Sean Lee as he can while Lee is healthy.

20. Detroit Lions – RB Nick Chubb
The Lions need a running game, like the Bears need weapons. Theo Riddick and Zach Zenner aren’t a realistic tandem going forward, not that I actually know if they still have those two as their backs. Chubb is a real standup slamming back, and a real threat when the ball is in his grasp.

21. Cincinnati Bengals (BUF) – S Minkah Fitzpatrick
They were going to move past Marvin Lewis, then they kept him. They could attempt to move on from Andy Dalton, but they are likely going to see what he can do this season. Fitzpatrick is a rangy safety, who likes to mix it up in the box.

22. Buffalo Bills (KC) – DE Harold Landry
The Bills need to add some pieces on defense to chase after opposing quarterbacks. Landry was a hell of a handful coming out of Boston College, including a towering junior season with 22 tackles for loss and 16.5 sacks.

23. Los Angeles Rams – OT Orlando Brown
Brown had a genuinely terrible combine. Almost a complete wash at all events, don’t know what that was about, but he’s still got the tape to suggest he should stay a first rounder. Though they just tossed Robert Quinn to the heap, they could still stand to improve their offensive line, and keep Jared Goff upright.

24. Carolina Panthers – CB Donte Jackson
They have struggled to replace Josh Norman, and this pick of LSU’s Donte Jackson is a great start. It’s LSU, dipping into that well is a great place to find cornerbacks.

25. Tennessee Titans – DT Maurice Hurst
The Titans probably shouldn’t have been in the playoffs, and on the wings of their quarterback Marcus Mariota, they won a road playoff game. They need help on defense. Hurst could be this draft’s version of Aaron Donald, and that comparison alone would get my phone warmed up.

26. Atlanta Falcons – WR Christian Kirk
The Falcons have Julio Jones, and the defense knows it. At the end of games, the defense knows that the ball is going to Jones. They need to spread the wealth. Kirk had a good showing at the combine, and could be a great addition to the Falcons’ corps of receivers.

27. New Orleans Saints – TE Hayden Hurst
The Saints have the game tackle-to-tackle sewn up, and behind the line, it’s about as good as it gets. They need a dual threat tight end to give those extra plays the old Jimmy Graham boost, while getting good blocking.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers – QB Josh Allen
When I mock them this, I actually gave the Steelers a round of applause. If this were to happen, it would break the draft. The Steelers might not feel this pick’s effect this season, but having Allen learn behind Big Ben and getting comfortable with those weapons. Unreal.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars – OL Mike McGlinchey
Blake Bortles is on the books as the Jaguars starter for the next two seasons. They need to help keep Bortles upright. McGlinchey is a brawler, though overshadowed by his teammate Quentin Nelson, is a stud in his own right.

30. Minnesota Vikings – DT Da’Ron Payne
A chunk of that Alabama defensive front, though he doesn’t have the stats, per percentage, he’s about as effective as it gets. That front was so heavily rotated, that stats weren’t on the mind. Between Griffen and Hunter, Payne can bring some namesake to the field for the Vikings.

31. New England Patriots – LB Rashaan Evans
The Patriots could use a general on defense, a fresh mind for their fresh defensive coordinator. Evans was oft-injured early in his career, but was really a serious leader for that Tide defense.

32. Philadelphia Eagles – S Ronnie Harrison
Well, they won. Sucks for us all. They could still use some tail-end help on defense. Harrison is really great at keeping the important stuff in front of his eyes, and can tattoo players, on top of his ball skills, which are tops in this class.