2015 NFL Regular Season Recap

Cam Newton has the Panthers sitting in the catbird seat heading into the playoffs. Photo Courtesy: Mike Morbeck
Cam Newton has the Carolina Panthers sitting in the catbird seat heading into the playoffs.
Photo Courtesy: Mike Morbeck

By Zach Walker

It’s over, the regular season has had the final whistle blow with the Vikings winning the NFC North, and now the Packers have to travel to Washington to play Kirk Cousins. Just typing that seems odd. This season has been really odd, but what’s new? Every season is weird. The following are my hot takes from this season for every team, because it’s supremely satisfying to sum up things so crudely.

Thoughts on Each Team from the Regular Season
We all either underestimated the team, or just the will and strength of Cam Newton, because he elevates the players around him to his level as well as any elite quarterback.

The ‘Ice’ has melted from the Georgia Dome, and Matt Ryan’s lack of finding anyone but Julio Jones is killing the team.

Jameis Winston is going to be a very good quarterback. He’s salty, he’s got the moxie, and he has got the offense around him to grow.

New Orleans is going into full reset mode, and could look unbelievably different next season, but as long as they don’t have Rob Ryan sabotaging the defense, it’ll be better.

Russell Wilson makes the Seahawks the most dangerous team ROLLING into the NFC playoffs.

Arizona has the best coach in the NFL. Bruce Arians has Arizona going to the NFC conference championship, maybe for the next few years.

The Rams need a change. Jeff Fisher needs to be gotten rid of. He’s done nothing but hover around eight wins for his entire career. There are better coaches out there.

San Francisco. They fired Jim Tomsula for winning their final game, costing them two draft spots. But, it’s a big time change, except the GM isn’t going anywhere, so maybe not.

What would the Packers look like, had Jordy Nelson not gone down with injury; at the very least, they’re hosting a playoff game.

Chicago Bears, they went from fire sale, to maybe having something with Jay Cutler….

Minnesota, do they have enough offensive firepower to really do anything in the playoffs?

Detroit is going to have major 49er-sized changes, minus the players on the field, but that might be worse than the 49ers.

Does Jay Gruden deserve coach of the year consideration, because playing Kirk Cousins earned Washington a division title?

Tom Coughlin, he truly got pressed out the door by his receiver, with that tantrum against Carolina, where that receiver showed all of his poise and mental fortitude.

Excuses, but seriously, injuries crushed the Cowboys, and not being prepared finished them off.

Philly. Hilarious, just so funny. Who will be the new genius/savior going to coach there?

We now officially know that the Patriots will live on beyond Tom Brady, but not without Rob Gronkowski.

Good gosh, the Jets need play-makers. They had a good offense, but imagine if they had dynamic players to go with Brandon Marshall, they could have really been something.

Rex Ryan did what Rex Ryan does best, kept the Jets out of the playoffs.

Miami needs a serious coach to fix that franchise, because the offense needs help, but the defense needs someone to really take the reins.

That the Oakland Raiders, for however much longer they’ll be in Oakland, is a team that is beyond worth watching, because Carr-to-Cooper is going to blossom into something epic.

San Diego, what the… Injuries crippled the team, but holy smokes, McCoy has to be fired for that season.

Denver is getting Papa Peyton back just in time to lose in the Divisional Round, and they aren’t really going to have a serious evaluation of Brock Osweiler.

Andy Reid, still one of the finest coaches of football in the country. If Eric Berry doesn’t win Comeback Player of the Year, and AP does, I might seriously consider not watching pro football anymore.

I don’t know what the hell happened to the Ravens, no one can tell me that losing ‘Nemesis’ (Terrell Suggs) was the thing that sank the Ravens.

Cleveland. Being Cleveland. Doing the Cleveland thing. Shucking your coach after two seasons, tossing their Manziel aside, and canning their GM. So… AKA nothing new in Cleveland.

No one believed that Andy Dalton would do anything in playoffs this year anyways, however, the Bengals would be absolutely feared going into the playoffs if Dalton was healthy. Sorry, Dalton, you just can’t win.

Pittsburgh, the AFC’s Seattle, that’s to say, no one is going to want to face these guys. Roethlisberger has the tools, the experience, and the green light to let it rip. The team that actually scares Belichick.

Tennessee, just do it. Hire the guy that seems like he could get the maximum out of your young quarterback.

The Colts need a GM that’s going to draft players, not fill the roster with thirty plus year-old free agents, a guy that’ll protect the team’s heartbeat, Andrew Luck. Not happening… Hilarious.

Jacksonville has a blooming offense, with a young players all-over, they need time to grow, groom offensive linemen, and get better. Gus Bradley remains one of my favorite coaches.

Houston could be an AFC powerhouse if they can land a quarterback, not just some re-tread free agent either, draft one and seriously put pressure on Andrew Luck to really push to win the South.

No one will ever be satisfied with referees, but this season seemed like a whole different animal of awful. Something really needs to be done. More power, less power, don’t know, change needed.